JennyWilliamsonI’m a poet and fiction writer living in New York.

I grew up in Vermont, and I’ll never feel as at home as I am  in quiet rural areas. I love hiking and camping, skiing, swinging on rope swings over deep water, and getting lost in the woods. But I’ve also lived in London, Paris, and New York, and have spent some of the happiest times of my life in cities.

My father was an airline pilot, and my mom was the town librarian. I got my wanderlust from my dad and my insatiable love for books from my mom. I read everything, from biographies of Roman emperors to the cheesiest of romance novels; I’m a literary omnivore. I’ve traveled on six continents and frequently have trouble sitting still.

My first chapbook, Collection of Flaws in a Black Dress, is currently out with Finishing Line Press. It’s available here.

I’m also a novelist. I’m working on several novels on the romance and fantasy spectrum, including a YA fantasy, a straight romance, a high fantasy series, and a paranormal romance. Hopefully I’ll have more to tell you about those soon. Currently a romance novel about the fall of ancient Rome is consuming my every waking thought. I’m also working on a new poetry chapbook.

I’m an actress and model too, like a lot of people in New York. You can see more about the work I’ve done here or here.

You can also find me being (un)social in various places online:




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