Cover art by Emily Lubanko

Jenny Williamson’s Collection of Flaws in a Black Dress is haunting and inspiring, full of ghosts who remind us all what is at stake when we begin to fall in love, and yet this collection goes beyond simple loss. In Williamson’s poems, desire and mourning transform the lover into sea creature and prehistoric beast, allowing the uncanny to take root and multiply into strange, seductive doppelgangers. Williamson’s gorgeous debut shows how even the deepest grief can emanate diaphanous glory, giving birth to cities and unearthly moons. It is a collection to savor.”

– Nancy Hightower, author of The Acolyte

Poet and author Jenny Williamson’s  debut chapbook, Collection of Flaws in a Black Dress, is published by Finishing Line Press. It is available here.



When I woke they’d put a doorway
in my skull
round as a bone moon.

The ghosts gnawed through me, trailing
a terrible howling.

It was not painful. Quite the opposite,
this hole in the hull of my ship
rimmed with stars–

I could no longer tell where I ended
and the sky began.

About the Author:

Jenny Williamson writes primarily about sex and death. She is published in journals including East Coast Literary Review, Burningwood Literary Journal, and Vox Poetica. She is also an actress and fiction writer, and currently lives in Brooklyn. This is not her last chapbook.

Collection of Flaws in a Black Dress is available from Finishing Line Press here.how to buy ripplehttps://www.amazon.com/SadoTech-Wireless-Doorbell-1000-feet-Adjustable/dp/B00FR4YQYK/