Reviews and Appearances


“This 26-poem collection, Collection of Flaws in a Black Dress by Jenny Williamson, is slim, but don’t be fooled: it crosses continents, traverses oceans, and explores galaxies in its examination of love, specifically love lost and mourned for….the vividness of the imagery demonstrates both a rawness and an elegance that sidesteps sentiment in favor of something that feels much more true.” –Rachel Wooley, The Atticus Review

“From the beginning, the reader trusts this poet to speak deeply and truly about how desire overwhelms us…her humor, searing self-examination, and sharp eye ensure that every reader will find in this brave book at least one line that captures exactly some past or present moment in his or her sentimental education.” –Sarah Barber, St. Lawrence University Magazine

Podcasts and Interviews

So You’re a Novelist: What’s Wrong With You? Jenny discusses her addiction to romance novels, her various neuroses, annoying questions people ask writers, and upcoming projects with author, publisher, actress, and comedian Amanda Miller.

Jenny read The Angry Astronaut by Kevin Norris at the Liar’s League, co-hosted by Nancy Hightower and Andrew Lloyd-Jones. Listen here.

Recent Appearances

November 10: Jenny read at the We Heart NYC Writers’ Night, an event celebrating established and emerging poets, novelists, journalists, and short story writers with newly published books.


September 14: Liar’s League NYCJenny read The Angry Astronaut by Kevin Norris, accompanied by Caitlin Mahoney.

This event, co-hosted by Nancy Hightower and Andrew Lloyd-Jones, showcases professional actors reading short stories from both emerging and established writers.



August 18: Book launch party for Collection of Flaws in a Black DressJenny’s debut poetry collection.

The party included music by Master Michael Quinn and Jeff Allyn Szwast, readings by Nancy Hightower and Natalie Eilbert, custom cocktails, and a bar napkin poetry contest. Check out a recap here.