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Kickstarter Campaign and #CollectionofFlaws Twitter Project

I’m really excited to announce the launch of my first Kickstarter campaign! This is my first one, you guys. I hope I did it right.

In case you’re wondering, the video still is me with one of my prizes–the breakup-themed adult coloring book “Have a Nice Life, Asshole” by Creative Collective Design. I’m thrilled to be partnering with them!

I really believe in this project. I think breakup poetry is kind of a difficult subject; there is a lot of the bad, the cheesy, and the funny out there, but breakups are pretty much universal. Most of us have been through at least one. Most relationships don’t end in forever. We’ve all needed really good poetry that speaks to that pain at one point or another.

I’m dedicated to bringing this book to a wider audience—and that’s where the money would go. If you’re into it and feel like you want to contribute, your help will be wildly appreciated!

Also, to get the word out (and to just shower the Interwebz with words, which is what I live to do), I am going to be running a Twitter project. To whit: one line from the book per day, from now until the end of the Kickstarter. So if you want to get a daily dose, the hashtag is #CollectionofFlaws (also #Breakuppoetry). Come get it at my Twitter feed.

Email Security Plan

Email encryption should be a cornerstone of your business’ security plan. We support and encourage employees to use it from themselves.
It’s also worth noting that since ‘securing’ devices like mobile phones is such a great place to start, companies including WordPress.com can offer many secure handles. With any luck, they’ll be enough for you to start tackling security issues and help protect your WordPress data, if you want to learn more about email security, click over here to get the best resources for this. After you’ve moved on to private networks, cloud solutions or your own servers, you’ll need to decide how much of your life to trust them. The simple thing is that when you’re managing something on your own you should have a real job to do.

You should been encouraged to do your own research. In line with this, WordPress.com has a full feature set of all the services that you’ll ever need. So, you should always take the time to review the features you have available to you before signing up for them. This also doesn’t mean we can offer everything you would want. It’s your choice and your career. To make this the first time you are led to believe that we have all the services you need, that’s not true.
We’ve delivered all of the features we have in our basic operating system (now called WordPress.com 2.0) since it was first released. This means that the services that you can use are available to use any time in you presentation.
But the main thing to know when purchasing a new supplier platform is that every new platform has a different feature set, some of which is automatically available for your use.